INDIVIDUAL CLIENT - Bespoke welcoming newborn gift

Flavour customization, gifting packaging design

To celebrate the joy of their new born baby, a couple asked for a customized Ginger Vinegar 豬腳薑醋 bomboloni flavour as a unique approach to traditional gifting this dish to friends and family. We learnt how to make the 豬腳薑醋 sauce from scratch and conceptualized all the key components of this dish in the bomboloni. 

Ginger Vinegar Bomboloni 

Made with housemade ginger vinegar sauce, sous vide pork belly in ginger vinegar sauce, ginger vinegar marinated soft boiled quail egg, chopped ginger pieces, chopped pork trotter, topped with either candied ginger and gold leaf or tempura fried ginger slice with sugar.