Preorder & Delivery/Pickup



Updates for February

  • Menu will be updated on website and IG soon!
  • For small preorders, preorder on the following dates:
    • Feb 7 for Feb 9-11 pickup/delivery
    • Feb 14 for Feb 16-18 pickup/delivery
    • Feb 21 for Feb 23-25 pickup/delivery
  • For large preorder, WhatsApp to let us know your interest and we'll share the menu with you once finalized to place your preorder
    • Large preorders for the week closes on Monday night before small preorders are released


    Small Preorders (7pcs)

    1. Open for preorders every Tues, 1pm for same week Thu-Sat pickup/delivery. Order here. (Schedules may change due to public holidays. We will announce preorder dates above and on IG. Please refer to updates above or on IG for latest news. Available while doughs last.)

    2. Delivery time range: 2-6pm, only to Hong Kong $80 and Kowloon $120. Individual fees for each location, each day.

      Pick up time: 3-6:30pm at Wong Chuk Hang workshop. Address will be in your confirmation email/SMS.

    Large Preorders (21pcs+)

    1. Minimum order: 21pcs or above

    2. Choose in boxes of 7 or 21. Same delivery details as small preorder above.

    3. Free delivery to one location point for 42pcs and above.
    4. Large preorder will cut off the day before we release small preorders.
    5. Contact us directly via WhatsApp 2-3 weeks in advance with preference on date/day (within Thu-Sat) and quantity to preorder and we’d share the upcoming menu with you.



    1. WhatsApp to preorder
    2. Delivery time range: 10-1pm, 2-6pm, only to Hong Kong $80 and Kowloon $120. Individual fees for each location, each day.

    3. Pick up time: 10am-1pm, 3-6:30pm at Wong Chuk Hang workshop. Address will be shared via WhatsApp.



    • You acknowledge and agree with all Terms of Service when purchasing our products and/or service.

    • Pickup has to be arranged on the day you chose (please refer to email confirmation if you forgot the date you chose). We are unable to accommodate any changes to dates/ delivery details on your pickup day.
    • For bomboloni, the doughs are made on the day itself for you. We will not be able to keep your doughs overnight if you are not able to arrange pickup on the day itself. We will have to arrange delivery for you, delivery fees to be paid accordingly.
    • All our doughs are best eaten fresh on the day they are received.

    • If you want to keep them for the next day, store them in the fridge (best in an airtight container). Take them out to cool 15-20 minutes or when it reaches room temperature, before consumption.

    • It can be kept up to 2 days, however, please note that keeping them overnight may run the risk of change in colour/freshness. After the products have left our premises, we are not responsible for any damage to the product. You are liable to the condition of the product upon receipt.

    • Check out more details about our doughs and delivery in the FAQ.